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Authors Title of the project Name & address of the agency to which submitted Month and year

Dr. R.K. Dutta (IIT R)

Dr. R.N. Acharya (BARC, Mumbai)
In vitro gastrointestinal  studies of crops grown in active mining region   Project is over in March 2016
Pallavi Debnath Theory and mechanism of polymer melt dynamics DST May 2015
Anuj Sharma Design and synthesis of novel small molecules as a putative Pf-DHFR antagonist in malarial Chemotherapy CSIR Nov 2013
K. R. Justin Thomas New Materials and Methods for the efficient organic photovoltaic devices DST Oct 2013
Ravi Bhushan      Synthesis of DNFB based chiral derivatizing reagents and their application for resolution of pharmaceutical enantiomers by LC CSIR May 2013
Anuj Sharma Glyoxalic acid as an effective formaldehyde equivalent in imine-mediated isocyanide based multicomponent reaction cascades. DST Apr. 2013 & Apr. 2014
Mala Nath Extraction and determination of industrially important metals (Mo, Pd and Pt) by using macrocyclic and heterocyclic Schiff bases as analytical reagents University Grants Commission, New Delhi July 2004
U.P. Singh Metal nucleic acid base pair interaction – solution and antitumor studies University Grants Commission, New Delhi Feb 2005
Dr.Bina Gupta & Dr. R. K. Dutta Radiation Monitoring from Nucleonic Gauge Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute, Saharanpur, U. P. Apr 2007
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