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Projects Completed

Projects Completed 

Principal Investigator Name of Project Sponsoring Agency
A. K. Singh Development of chemical sensors for determination of industrially important metals. MHRD (R&D)
Synthesis and analytical application of polydentate macrocycles as chemical sensor DRDO
Anil Kumar Synthesis and photochemitry of composite metal semiconductor nanostructure materials. DST
Synthesis of Nanohybrids of Colloidal Semiconductor Oxide(s) – An Analysis of their Charge Dynamics, Electronic and Magnetic Properties CSIR
Arshi Rastogi ( V. K. Gupta ) Development of low cost adsorbents for the removal of toxic metal ions from water using algal biomass. DST
Bina Gupta Studies on liquid- liquid extraction and recovery of platinum group metals using organophosphorus extractants. CSIR
K. Ghosh Studies On Manganese Peptide Interactions DST
Synthesis And Characterization Of Novel Ruthenium Complexes And Their Dna Binding Studies CSIR
K. R. Justin Thomas New carbazole derivatives for electro-optics. CSIR
Synthesis and characterization of polyaromatic fused quinoxalines as dipolar functional materials. DST
Synthesis and spectroelectrochemical investigations of organic dyes suitable for dye-sensitized solar cells MHRD
Kamaluddin Role of metal oxides as catalyst in chemical evolution and origin of life ISRO
M. Nath Analysis of thermal effects during charging process in Hydrogen storage using activated carbon based materials incorporated with organometallic compounds MHRD
M.R. Maurya Synthesis, reactivity and structural aspects of vanadium complexes. DST
Coordination chemistry of vanadium: Synthesis, reactivity and catalytic aspects of vanadium complexes. CSIR
P. Jeevanandam Size and shape effects on the optical properties of nanocrystalline metal oxides. DST
R. K. Dutta A quantitative study on uptake of toxic heavy metals in Escherichia Coli cells BRNS
R. K. Peddinti Asymmetric organocatalysis with L- proline and its derivatives. DST
Novel a,a- diaryl- prolinol- derived chiral ligands for cayalytic asymmetric synthesis. CSIR
R. N. Goyal Voltammetric determination of some biologically important purines and their derivatives at fullerenes C60/C70 modified electrodes CSIR
S. M. Sondhi Synthesis of pyrimidine and thiazoline derivatives and their evaluation for anti-inflammatory activity. DST
U. P. Singh Synthesis, characterization and reactivity studies of vanadium and manganese nitrido complexes. DST
Synthesis and Characterization of some complexes as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Contrast agents. MHRD (R&D)
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