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Projects And Consultancy

Ongoing Projects

  • Synthesis, characterization, reactivity and catalytic aspects of vanadium complexes
  • Dearomatization of Phenols into Benzoquinone Derivatives: Rapid Access to Bicyclo[2.2.2]octenones, Phenoxazines and other Heterocyclic Systems
  • Organic materials containing heterocyclic building blocks
  • Rationale guided Design and preparation of novel anti-Tuberculosis chemotherapeutic agents through contemporary Synthetic interventions
  • Copper catalyzed Novel bond forming strategies for potent Therapeutic Heterocyclic scaffolds
  • Development of fluorescence based selective chemical sensor for Magnesium ion under physiological condition
  • Novel molecular design for Dye Sensitized solar cell
  • Small Molecules for Solution Processed Organic Solar Cell
  • Domino Reactions and Asymmetric Synthesis
  • Bioaccessibility of heavy metals
  • Synthesis and characterization of optically interesting nanocomposites
  • Synthesis of Biotemplated Colloidal Nanostructures of Iron Oxide(s) - Analysis of Correlation between their Morphologies and Properties.
  • Chemistry of non-innocent ligands: Synthesis of phenoxyl radical and related complexes and their applications
  • Synthesis and characterization of novel ruthenium nitrosyl complexes and their biological activity studies
  • New Materials and Methods for Efficient Organic Photovoltaic Devices (Phase II)
  • Catalytic oxidation of nitrogeneous aromatic compounds containing wastewater
  • Theory and mechanism of polymer melt dynamics
  • Porphyrin-based Novel Donor-π-Linker-Acceptor Systems for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Applications
  • Metal ion assisted artificial base pairing: an alternative approach for the nucleic acid templated chemistry
  • Polymerization of Biomolecules on Metal Oxide Surfaces: Implication in Origin of Life
  • In vitro gastrointestinal based bioaccessibility of heavy metals in plant based food materials grown in active mining region
  • Design, Synthesis and their Estrogen Receptors Binding Study of Some Novel Flavone, Flavone-Estradiol Adduct and Indanone Based Ligands Against Breast Cancer Cell Lines
  • Domino Reactions and Asymmetric Organocatalytic Reactions of Benzoquinone Derivatives
  • Design and synthesis of novel layered oxides and oxyhalides: Potential visible-light photocatalysts for hydrogen production
  • Glyoxalic acid as an effective formaldehyde equivalent in imine-mediated isocyanide based multicomponent reaction cascades
  • Design and synthesis of novel small molecules as a putative Pf-DHFR antagonist in malarial Chemotherapy
  • Synthesis of Zn(II) complexes of Carboxylic acid Substituted Porphyrins for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) Applications
  • Photophysical and Photovoltaic Properties of Novel Porphyrin-Fullerenes Host-Guest Assemblies
  • Periodic Mesoporous Organosillcas (PMOs) Supported Group 2 Metal Catalysts for Hydroamination
  • Molecular Design for Novel Sensitizers for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
  • Low energy ion beam induced defect engineering in inorganic nanomaterials and their applications
  • Synthesis of Electron Donors (D) appended Carboxyphenyl Substituted Porphyrin Zn(II) complexes (D-π-A) for DSSC Applications
  • Photophysical and Photovoltaic Properties of Novel Porphyrin-Fullerenes Host-Guest Assemblies
  • Discovery of new half-metal ferromagnetic compounds for applications in spin-based technology
  • Formation, Structure, Stability and Thermodynamic properties of Mixed Gas hydrates
  • Effect of cage substitution and endohedral doping on the alignment and the properties of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes


  • Binuclear manganese complexes as model for Mn containing ribonucleotide reductase enzyme.
  • Coupled semiconduictor catalysts for initiating photochemical reactions-mechanistics investigation of their photochemical and photophysical behaviour.
  • Development of chemical sensors for determination of some toxic metals
  • Detoxification of electroplating industry waste
  • Electroanalytical studies on some ionic sensors based on solid and liquid ion exchange membranes.
  • Ligand controlled synthesis of tungsten complexes, their reactivity and catalytic properties.
  • Liquid chromatographic resolution of enantiomers of biologically important compounds.
  • Miceller catalysed aromatic nucleophilic substitution reaction in inorganic solvents.
  • New organotin (IV) derivatives of amino acids and oligopeptides : synthesis, characterisation, X-ray structural analysis and in vitro anti-tumor activity.
  • Oxidation chemistry of indoles and related compounds.
  • Oxidation chemistry of purines and their N-oxide.
  • Oxo-peroxo complexes of vanadium, their reactivity and catalytic activity.
  • Preparation of silver (III) species and its stable complexes - A kinetic investigation of their redox and photoredox reactivity.
  • Solvent extraction behavior of lanthanides and other associated elements with respect to their separation and recovery from raw and waste material.
  • Stereoselective epoxidation of unsaturated carbonyls using novel catalytic systems.
  • Structural studies on peanut proteins.
  • Synthesis of optically active polypyrazolylborate ligands for enantioselective cyclopropanation reaction.
  • Synthesis of model compounds for zinc containing enzymes.
  • Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and their evaluation for anti inflammatory,antiamebic and anthelmintic activities.
  • Asymmetric organocatalysis with L- proline and its derivatives.
  • New carbazole derivatives for electro-optics.
  • Voltammetric determination of some biologically important purines and their derivatives at fullerenes C60/C70 modified electrodes.
  • Size and shape effects on the optical properties of nanocrystalline metal oxides.
  • Voltammetric determination of some anabolic steroids, used for doping by athletes, in human blood and urine.


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