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Zareena Begum. I Indian F Studies on the Removal of Arsenic an Environmental Toxicant.
Avinash Kumar Arora Indian M Role of Metal Oxides as Prebiotic Catalyst
Aikta Dhawan Indian F Oxidation Chemistry of some Biologically Important Purine Nucleosides and Nucleotides.
Anuradha Tyagi Indian F Electrochemical Investigations of Some Purine Nucleosides and Nucleotides.
Neeta Bachheti Indian F Electrochemical Determination of Some Biologically Important Compounds Drugs and Metal Ions.
Anil Kumar Chandrakar Indian M Catalytic Activities of Metal Complexes Immobilized in Zeolite – Y
Sulaxna Indian F Organotin Derivatives of some Heterocyclic Ligands.
Gaurav Maheshwari Indian M Development of Some Potentiometric Sensors for the Determination of Toxic Ions.
Sweta Indian F Catalytic Activities of Polymer Anchored Metal Complexes.
Umesh Kumar Indian M Immobilized Vanadium Complexes and their Catalytic role in Oxidation Reaction.
Raj Kumar Singh Indian M Design and Synthesis of Artificial Metalloproteins.
Rajeev Kumar Indian M Complexes of Sm (III), Nd (III) and Pr (III): Synthesis, Structural and Thermal Studies.
Shubhi Jain Indian F Synthesis of Hetrocyclic Compounds Containing N and/ or S and their Biological Evaluation.
Upasana Arya Indian F Studies on Soyabean Protein (Glycinin)
Vipin Kumar Saini Indian M Removal of Some Toxic Substances from Wastewater using Inexpensive Alternative to Carbon.
Soumyajit Mukherjee Indian M Geodynamics, Deformation and Mathematical Analysis of metamorphic Belts, NW Himalaya.
Priyanka Agarwal Indian F Magnetic Rotation in Nuclei of A= 80 and 130 Mass Region.
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