Visits to other institutions 2013-2014 - Department of Chemistry,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Visits to other institutions 2013-2014

 Visit of Faculty members to other institutions 2013-2014


Name of Faculty

Institute/Organisation Visited

Purpose of Visit


R. N. Goyal Pusan National University, South Korea Academic Dec. 01 - 30, 2013
Ravi Bhushan Univ of Oldenburg, Germany

Research, Humboldt Program

Aug 16 -Oct 15, 2013  

Ravi Bhushan Thapar Univ,RDC/BOS meetings/Kurukshetra Univ, DIT Univ Dehradun, Ambedkar Univ, Lucknow,  
 Garhwal Univ-Srinagar,
Anil Kumar Department of Chemistry,NIT, Thiruchirappilly                   Academic July 27, 2013
Udai P Singh IIT Delhi MTIC-XV Discussion           
K. C. Gupta Kyungpook National University, South Korea Sabbatical

Jun 15 2013 - Jun 14 2014 

R. K. Peddinti University of Hyderabad Research Discussion       Dec 2-5, 2013
R.K. Dutta Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai As a Resource person to deliver talk on applications of nano particles  Feb 21-23, 2014
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